Why babies belong in hammocks

The AMAZONAS Baby World range has a variety of products that enable your baby to lie properly. From baby hammocks to cradles and stands.

They protect and support your baby’s back, while the soft boundaries give your little one a sense of security.
Gentle swinging in a hammock or cradle has been proven to facilitate a newborn baby’s sense of balance and coordination skills, and has an overall positive effect on their wellbeing.
AMAZONAS baby hammocks and cradles help your baby to relax. Less pressure is put on the abdominal wall, babies cannot hyperextend and they become less prone to wind. All these factors help make your baby a happy little person.

Hammocks adapt to the shape of your body. - In a hammock, you lie in a different position than in a bed. If you have a correctly sized and properly suspended hammock - and it's a quality brand such as our range of AMAZONAS hammocks - it easily adapts to the natural shape of the body, which means that you do not just lie on your shoulders and pelvis as is the case when lying on a bed.

Help develop your babies balance. - Both doctors and midwives have observed that hammocks are good for the development of the sense of balance. They ease troubles relating to wind and general tension.

Hammocks are like the womb for newborns! - Newborns love being in tight surroundings and bumping into a soft boundary with their little heads and bodies. If, at the same time, they rock gently, they feel as safe and protected as they did in the womb.

Every doctor and most parents know, babies are born with a round back. The medical term is total kyphosis, a curvature of the spine, which basically has adapted perfectly to the space available within the womb. During the first year, the spine straightens until the child starts to stand up and begins to walk. Despite this, it has become normal for most parents in Western countries to put their babies into a position where the spine is straightened contrary to its natural, healthy curvature. Most significantly we tend to put our babies in beds on straight hard mattresses in the first few months following birth.

So throw out your traditional baby beds and let your baby enjoy swinging softly in an ergonomically advantageous hammock.