Boginabag (Bog in a bag) Foldable portable toilet / stool.


Bog In a Bag is the award winning outdoor accessory which is a must have for any parent, boatie, camper, fisher, or festival goer. The only lightweight, portable, robust, foldable multi function toilet on the market today. .... Making inconvenience, convenient.

An absolute essential for the boot of any car containing children!!

BoginaBag (Bog in a Bag) is a unique portable toilet that is extremely light weight, portable and very robust. It provides the owner with a solution to that age old question of needing to go and having nowhere to go! It folds out as a normal seat that can be used anywhere, but when nature calls you then remove the cover, insert one of our specially designed degradable bags, relax and relieve yourself.

Once you have finished, the magic crystals in the pad will absorb any liquid. You then remove the bag, tie the top and dispose of the bag in a bin. The bags completely cover the seat of the stool so there is no mess and it is completely hygienic and ready to be used again and again.

Remember BoginaBag can also be used as a general purpose stool.

'Magic Crystals"

The revolutionary super absorbent "magic crystals" hold liquid like no other substance! They absorb about 30 times their weight in urine and are used worldwide for babies and adult incontinence products so they are hygienic, safe & proven to work, perfect for the job!

This pack includes:

1 x Bog in a bag stool and 1 x pack of bags (5 in a pack)

* Additional bags are available for purchase separately.

How to use bog in a bag:

Step1: Unfold Boginabag and remove the central cover

Step2: Place the bag over the seat with the pad facing up. Push the central section and the pad down into the hole

Step3: After use wait 30 seconds for absorption of the liquid then remove, tie and dispose of bag.

Who is BoginaBag for?

Festival Goers
Bird Watchers

Emergency Services
The Armed Forces
Disaster Site Victims
Aid Workers
Holiday Makers
Long Distance Drivers
Yachtsmen & Women
Beach hut owners Allotment owners
IBS suffers
The elderly

BoginaBag - the unique portable toilet that provides its owner with a solution to that age old question of needing to go and having nowhere to go!

Questions and answers

How do the pads work?

Our pads contain a granular powder which is contained inside the fibrous cellulose of the pad. When it absorbs water it swells into a gel which traps the liquid.

What impact is BoginaBag having on the environment?

We strive to do everything we can to minimise the impact we are having on the environment. Our bags are degradable and we have made them as simple as possible so we minimise wastage. BoginaBag is hygienic without the need for environmentally damaging chemicals.

How much liquid can the pad within the bag absorb?

The pad can absorb up to 700ml of urine.

Can you use BoginaBag for both toilet functions?

Our leakproof bags are designed to catch and hold both liquid and solid waste.

What are the dimensions and weight of BoginaBag?

When folded, BoginaBag is only 65cm in length with a diameter of 13cm. It also weighs less than 1kg and has a weight limit of 125kg. It comes in a handy carry bag for ultimate portability.

What is the weight limit of the stool?
BoginaBag is designed to carry up to 125kg in weight when used as shown in the user instructions.