AMAZONAS Easy + hook for hammock suspension


We recommend the use of the AMAZONAS Easy+ hook for the safe and sturdy suspension of hammocks.

The high quality heavy duty AMAZONAS Easy+ hammock wall hook with plate for wall/post mounting. Perfect for use on interior or exterior walls (brick, concrete or wood).

This hook was developed specifically for the suspension of hammocks from the wall. The hammock easily and securely clips into the snap hook. Thanks to the integrated plastic guide, you smoothly and quietly float off into dreamland. Including carabiners, screws and nylon screw plugs.

Max weight 200kg per hook - so if you have one on each end of the hammock, it will support up to 400kg making it perfect for large hammocks.

Load capacity: approx 200kg per hook

Weight of hook: 428grms

Hook length: 12cms

Plate width: 8cms

Tested and compliant with the highest European safety standards.

Please note that if you have no other suspension devices on your hammock, you will need one of these for each end!

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