AMAZONAS Powerhook - Rotating ceiling hook for hanging chairs.


This is a heavy duty Amazonas Powerhook for suspending hanging chairs from the ceiling.

A hanging chair is best hung so that it can rotate freely. The Powerhook ensure the cords do not chafe and allows free turning in any direction.

This ball mounted ceiling hook comes with an 78cm extension chain which means that you can adjust the height of your chair to suit all members of the family perfectly.

The high quality ball bearing ensures smooth rotation every time.

This is a complete set for hanging chair suspension - all screws and special metal plugs are included.

Suitable for use with almost any surface - concrete, brick, wood etc...

Load capacity 200kg.

Contents: Special hook including ball bearing, chain (approx 78cm), 4 bolts, 4 metal plugs

Caution: This item must be installed into a suitable load bearing material.

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