AMAZONAS Koala portable baby hammock and stand


The ‘Koala’ is an absolutely gorgeous baby hammock from AMAZONAS with a folding stand which is perfect for home or travel. It is cuddly and safe, yet flexible enough to be set up anywhere.

This beautiful hammock can be used as a a daytime napping place, a travel crib, or simply as somewhere for baby to relax and watch whats going on around them. The gentle swaying motion of a hammock quickly settles and calms baby, thus making it a perfect solution for the little one, and a sanity saving solution for mum and dad! As well as helping to develop your baby's sense of balance, hammocks are excellent for easing wind, flatulence, colic and general tension.

The result? A happy, stress free, well rested baby - isn't that what we all want for our little ones?

Two in one: The ‘Koala’ set includes a baby hammock and stand and allows babies to be close to their parents anywhere within the house, in the garden, or on the road. The ‘Koala’ is lightweight and can be set up quickly and easily. This way, active parents can relax anywhere while their babies are swinging comfortably and happily, being able to observe attentively and with interest in what is happening around them. The hammock has a sewn in, adjustable 5 point safety harness, and a swing limiter which is particularly handy if there are other children, or pets around the home.

Once a child is born, it initially feels deprived of the protective mechanism and the feeling of security from the womb which is why rocking in the Koala baby hammock gently and quickly lulls your baby to a super-relaxed state, gives comfort and security, and promotes baby's sense of balance. Further, the hammocks snug shape helps your baby to learn hand/foot co-ordination, and, by taking weight of baby's tummy, provides relief when s/he has trapped wind. In order to optimally take advantage of this positive effect, it is not recommended to use any stiff / hard underlays in the hammock.

Guaranteed mobility: The Koala baby hammock is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The hammock cords can also be adjusted so that baby's head lies higher than it's legs, enabling them to be able to look out of the hammock.

* Easily assembled without tools

* Adjustable suspension cords

* Space-saving fold away design

* Sewn in safety harness for secure support

* Lockable position, when necessary to prevent unsupervised rocking

* Easy removal of the spreader bars for washing

* 100% natural eco-tested cotton (machine washable)

All hammocks in the baby world range are tested to, and conform to, the strictest and highest of safety standards available - copies of safety certificates and test reports are available on request.

This hammock is really quick and easy to dismantle without the use of tools. It folds up extremely compactly which makes it a perfect portable solution.

It carries the ‘eco tested’ logo which means that it has been tested for harmful substances and has been approved for use next to a babies delicate soft skin.


Hammock measurents: 110cm x 58cm

Stand dimensions: 161cm x 45cm x 55cm

Unit weight: 3.4kg

Load capacity: 15kg

Age range: 0-9 months (depending on activity level of baby)

To make the Koala hammock an even cosier spot for your little one, we recommend the use of the AMAZONAS Sunny blanket liner.

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