AMAZONAS Kaya Natura baby hammock


The gorgeous Kaya Natura baby hammock from AMAZONAS allows you to always be close to your baby virtually anywhere inside your home or in the garden – and still have your hands free!

This beautiful hammock can be used as a daytime napping place / rocker, or simply for somewhere for baby to relax and watch whats going on around them. The gentle swaying motion of a hammock quickly settles and calms baby, thus making it a perfect solution for the little one, and a sanity saving solution for mum and dad! As well as helping to develop your baby's sense of balance, hammocks are excellent for easing wind / flatulence, general tension and colic.

The result? A happy, stress free, well rested baby - isn't that what we all want for our little ones?

The multiple suspension options (see below)mean that this hammock is also suitable for moving around the home as and when required.

Kaya Natura provides all the advantages of a hammock – e.g the softly curved back of the baby is protected and supported ergonomically.

Babies are absolutely safe in Kaya Natura as the hammock is stretched securely and firmly over the frame and it is secured with eight stable hook-and-loop fasteners. The hammock also has a sewn in, adjustable 5 point safety harness.

Australia does not have it's own safety standard for baby hammocks, but the Kaya Natura (and all other baby hammocks/stands in the Amazonas range) is tested to and approved to the strictest European safety standards. Copies of safety certificates and test reports are available on request.

The Kaya Natura can be suspended in many ways - the AMAZONAS options are:
* Wooden Leo stand
* Wooden Hippo stand
* Door Clamp
* Powerhook (rotating ceiling hook)
* Jumbino ceiling hook and woopy spring

Click on the product video link to see more of this stunning hammock.

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