AMAZONAS Kangoo baby hammock & wooden Carello baby stand


The gentle swaying motion of this beautiful hammock quickly settles and calms baby, thus making it a perfect solution for the little one, and a sanity saving solution for mum and dad! As well as helping to develop your baby's sense of balance, hammocks are excellent for easing wind, flatulence, general tension and colic.

The result? A happy, stress free, well rested baby - isn't that what we all want for our little ones?

The Kangoo is gorgeous hammock which is suspended at one single point above the hammock. Kangoo can be buttoned up so that the baby feels absolutely safe and snugly; this makes Kangoo very similar to the womb and thus the ideal place for the baby to sleep in as it is wrapped cuddly and softly without being hidden from view, and sways gently to and fro. Or, it can be left unbuttoned for curious babies who just like to hang out and watch the world go by! The Kangoo makes the little ones feel the same comforting floating state that they enjoyed in mums tummy for 9 months.

The Kangoo has a number of features which make it one of the safest baby hammocks on the market:

* The Kangoo has a sewn in 5-point safety harness for the ultimate peace of mind.

* The Kangoo is hammock is a 'bag' type design so the weight of the baby weighs it down - it doesn't have a firm stable bottom which means that babies cannot roll back and forth.

* The mattress /blanket can go underneath the lying surface so the baby cannot get between mattress and hammock.

* The Kangoo hammock allows adequate airflow.

This set includes the Kangoo hammock and an absolutely stunning wooden 'Carello baby' stand which is a real eye catcher - it's a gorgeously shaped hammock stand and acts as a great modern feature in your home.

This exclusive design makes Carello baby a real gem in your home or garden; it is easy to carry so that you can be close to your baby at all times. Made of untreated sprucewood. If you wanted to coat this stand with non-toxic varnish, it would withstand any weather condition.

The stand is absolutely stable and tilt proof.

The stand measures approx 130cm in height.

Dimensions are: 82.5 x 130 x 99.4cm

Load capacity is 35kg

Stand weight is 10kg.
The stand comes in 5 parts, but, once assembled, can easily be taken down into 2 main parts making it really portable. It would easily fit in the back of the car once the 2 main parts are separated.

Also included is a ‘Sunny’ blanket which is a beautifully soft, cushioned blanket to warm baby’s back, and turn the hammock into an even cosier napping place. There are slits in the blanket to accommodate 5 point safety harnesses which means that the blanket can also be used as a pram liner or car seat liner.

The spreader bar is removable so the hammock can be machine washed.

The Kangoo hammock and Sunny blanket both carry the ‘eco tested’ logo which means that they have been tested for harmful substances and has been approved for use next to a babies delicate soft skin.

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