AMAZONAS Hippo wooden stand for baby hammocks


The AMAZONAS Hippo is an absolutely stunning wooden baby hammock stand which is a real eye catcher - it's stylish, extremely tilt proof, and comes with a swing limiter which is perfect if you have other children, or pets around the home.

The stand measures approx 109cm in length.

Height x width is 138.5cm x 104-107cm

Weight is 8kg. It has a weight limit of 35kg.

The Hippo stand can be used with a number of baby hammocks including the AMAZONAS Kangoo, the AMAZONAS Kaya Natura and the AMAZONAS Kids Globo.

Australia does not have it's own safety standard for baby hammocks, but the Hippo (and all other baby hammocks/stands in the Amazonas range) is tested to and approved to the strictest European safety standards. Copies of safety certificates and test reports are available on request.

The stand comes in 6 parts, but, once assembled, can easily be taken down into 2 main parts making it very portable. It would easily fit in the back of the car once the 2 main parts are separated.

Click on the product video link to see more of this stunning stand.