AMAZONAS Havanna marine large weatherproof hanging chair


With the AMAZONAS Havanna you can be free from weather beaten, colour running, ripped and battered hanging chairs!!

This king size weatherproof hanging hammock chair with spreader bar has multiple uses - great for hanging outside and relaxing on the deck or from a tree, but also perfect for breastfeeding mothers. - There is no more relaxed way of breast-feeding your baby.

This chair comes from one of the leading hammock manufacturers in the world - AMAZONAS, and is made from the very impressive weatherproof fabric - Elltex. No more ripped, battered and colour run chairs - Elltex can be hung outside even when it is raining or when the sun is burning hot. Elltex is a special mix of polyester and cotton that is very weatherproof, hardly fades and stays extremely tearproof, even after repeatedly getting wet. On top, it is snug and soft like pure cotton!

The chair is the perfect place for dreaming alone from the rest of the world! Simply ideal for relaxing away from all stress and strain....

With a fabric width of 1.2m and a length of 1.5m, this item is king size and almost as big as a classical Brazilian hammock. Weighing just 2.3kg, with a load capacity of 150kg, this light item of furniture can be hung up or taken down in mere seconds. .

This chair is also ideal for breastfeeding - many mothers complain about backache when breastfeeding their babies. It is not easy for mums and babies to find a comfortable position on a sofa or chair. This AMAZONAS branded hanging hammock chair however, is an excellent alternative if you do not want to breastfeed in bed. The mother is supported perfectly by the hanging chair and sits in it with a relaxed back. The baby is also supported by the hanging chair and automatically lies snugly against mums body. Moreover, the hanging chair protects mother and baby alike from curious glances, and if you want to, you can even swing gently. All this combined is the ideal condition for achieving an intimate and favourable breastfeeding relationship between mother and child.

We use Elltex hammocks ourselves and after almost a year of being completely exposed to the harsh Queensland elements, they are still in perfect condition with NO mold spots, NO fading and NO signs of wear or tear.

We have a selection of suspension options available for this hanging chair:

* Amazonas Powerhook

* Amazonas Smartrope

* Amazonas Jumbo / Liana set

* Amazonas Jumbo / Swivel set

* Amazonas Palmera rockstone stand

* Amazonas Atlas stand

* Amazonas Luna rockstone stand

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