AMAZONAS Gigante XXL massive Brazilian hammock

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Probably the largest hammock in the world!!

This hammock - the Gigante, from AMAZONAS is absolutely huge - with a laying surface of 300cm x 200cm, and a load capcity of 280kg, it even amazes the Brazilians!

It utilises approx 6000 cotton threads to make six square metres of luxuriously woven hammock material. Over 30m of specially thick braided cords provide support for the broad spread of this huge lounging surface. ...
...And so the Gigante was born - the perfect connection between two hanging points, ideal for several people to comfortably lie in. Gigantic!

This premium hammock is actually made in Brazil, not just called a Brazilian hammock, and comes in a handy fabric carrying bag which is great for everyday use once your hammock is in situ!

Hammock weight: 3.3kg

Max weight limit: 280kg

Hammock size (laying surface): 300cm x 200cm

Total Length: 450cm

Click on the product video link to see more of this stunning hammock.

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