AMAZONAS Doorclamp for baby hammocks


The ‘Doorclamp’ from AMAZONAS is flexible and simply ingenious!

If you want to be close to your baby regardless of where you are in your home, then the doorclamp is the ideal solution for hanging up a baby hammock.

When changing rooms, you can take your little ones with you in their hammock in no time and they will either watch excitedly what is happening around them or they will continue to slumber while being watched by you.

The doorclamp can be mounted to any door frame that protrudes at least 5mm from the wall with no tools or assembly being required.

* The distance between the edge of the door frame and the wall must be at least 5mm - i.e there must be at least 5mm around the frame for the clamp to rest on.

* The depth of the door frame and the wall thickness must not exceed 30cm.
The door clamp can be used with the AMAZONAS Kangoo and Kaya Natura baby hammocks as well as most other baby hammocks that are currently on the market.

The door clamp weighs 0.45kg, and has a load capacity of 15kg.

Please note that the hammocks shown in the photos are to show an the door clamp in use and are not included in this sale.

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