AMAZONAS Carry Star baby carrier. 5 settings. Front or back carrying.

$89.95 - On Sale

The CARRY STAR enables you to carry your baby optimally, regardless of how often and for how long. It’s healthy for your baby and good for your back!

Thanks to the innovative “Grow & Go” system, the CARRY STAR can be adjusted to fit your baby perfectly using five different settings. This system ensures that your baby sits with his knees up, his bottom down and his legs apart, and that his spine is shaped like a C.

The fully adjustable and detachable head support gives your baby’s head optimal protection and support.
The belts and straps – plus an innovative clasp system – ensure that your baby’s weight is optimally distributed across your hips. This helps prevent back ache and strain, even after carrying your baby for long periods.

A myriad of clever features makes the AMAZONAS CARRY STAR unique. For instance, there’s an integrated waterproof cover, an adjustable hood, two detachable bibs, two detachable shoulder strap protectors and a practical pocket for storing small items.

Click the product video link to learn more about this fantastic carrier and see it in action.