AMAZONAS Carello baby wooden stand for baby hammocks


A modern alternative to a bassinet.

This is an absolutely stunning wooden 'Carello baby’ wooden hammock stand from AMAZONAS.

It is gorgeously shaped, and is made of untreated spruce wood. It’s exclusive design makes Carello Baby a real gem in your home or garden; it is easy to carry which means that you can be close to your baby at all times.

This stand is not only stylish, it is also extremely tilt proof.

Stand dimensions are:

Height: 130cm
Width: 82.5cm
Total length: 99.4cm
Weight: 10kg.
Load capacity: 35kg.

The Carello baby stand can be used with a number of baby hammocks including the Kangoo, Kaya Natura and Miyo.

For older children, it can also be used with the ‘Kids Globo’.

Please note that this sale is for the stand only - the hammock needs to be purchased seperately.

Click on the product video link to see more of this stunning stand.

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