FAQ's - Baby hammocks

Are the baby hammocks suitable in place of a bassinet?

Yes! All three baby hammocks, the Kangoo, Koala and Kaya Natura, are all suitable as a bassinet replacement. They are designed in such a way that they can be used as a night time sleep solution, as a day time napping place, or simply for somewhere for baby to lay and watch the world go by.

What age range are the baby hammocks suitable for?

All the baby hammocks for sale on this website are recommended for babies from birth up to nine months. However, common sense always prevails, and if your baby is particularly active, or very small and inactive, there could be variance either side of the guidelines.

Are AMAZONAS baby hammocks safe?

Absolutely. Although Australia does not have it's own safety standard for baby hammocks, every product from the AMAZONAS baby world range is tested to, and conforms to, the highest European safety standards. Copies of safety certificates and reports are available on request.

What are the benefits of using a hammock for your baby?

* They protect and support your baby's back, while the soft boundaries give him or her a sense of security.
* Gentle swinging in a hammock or cradle has proven to facilitate newborn babies' sense of balance and coordination skills, and has an overall positive effect on well being.
* AMAZONAS baby hammocks and cradles help your baby to relax. Less pressure is put on the abdominal wall, babies cannot hyperextend and they become less prone to wind.
- All these factors help make your baby a happy little person.

Do the baby hammocks have any additional safety features?

Yes. As well as being tested to the highest of standards, they also have some inbuilt safety features for extra security and peace of mind-
The Koala, Kangoo and Kaya Natura all have sewn in 5 point safety harnesses.
The Koala has a swing limiter and a lockable position to prevent unsupervised rocking.
The Kaya Natura and Kangoo both have a sewn in safety loops for attaching to the swing limiter if used with the Hippo stand.

Are the baby hammocks machine washable?

Yes. The wooden bars on the Koala, Kangoo and Kaya Natura hammocks can all be removed to allow the hammocks to be machine washed.